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해외학생 초청 Inbound 프로그램 ‘Locality Summer School’

‘Locality Summer School’은 광역특화전공의 각 지역별 외국인 학생들을 한국으로 초대해 광역특화전공생들과 함께 진행하는 문화교류의 장으로써 서로의 언어와 문화를 탐색할 수 있는 프로그램입니다.

광역특화전공 학생들은 외국인 학생들을 통해 자신이 공부하는 지역의 특수성과 문화적 특징들을 몸소 체험할 수 있으며, 외국인 학생들과 함께 최대 8일간 합숙하면서 현지인을 미리 접하고 로컬리티 현지에 대한 적응력을 키우게 됩니다.

외국인 학생 1인당 한국인 학생 3~4인이 이루어 과제를 수행하는 방식으로 진행됩니다.

Title [외국인 학생 활동 보고서 - 마그레브트랙 쌍수중팀] Omaima - 2
Writer 로컬리티센터 Date 18-08-14 13:18 Read 1,550




The day is July 7th, it’s the second day of our Seoul Guided trip. That’s when it got worse. The Two Soo Yeon girls got really distant from me and Hui Jung, other than a group activity it definitely was more just a two people activity. Once we got to InsaDong together we spent only few minutes together before we went on separate ways. The weather was hot and we were all tired. But I would have appreciated more if we had stayed together as a team and take pictures together other than the pictures we had to take in order to show you what we’re doing and our current location. but thanks to Hui Jung my super Hero and my savior as I like to call him, he really saved me from having a bad experience and from giving up. He was always there for me, talking to me, making me laugh, keeping me company. Enjoying his time with me even though he was tired. I wish the girls would have done the same. After lunch in InsaDong we went to GyeongBokGong, wore hanbok and toured the palace. Again Hui Jong and I alone toured the palace. I mean understand that it was extremely hot especially wearing handbok and wondering around with it but it wasn’t just them, all of us were hot and tired, but at least we worked hard to finish the tour no matter how hard it was for us. Distancing themselves wasn’t the write answer and no matter how hard Hui Jung tried  to keep us all together, the two girls preferred staying on their own for some reason. I noticed how Hui Jung was tired so we decided to go back early to the guesthouse, I just wanted him to rest since he did his best with me and I couldn’t bare seeing him have a hard time. 



But after that Mr Oh. Has and the staff have noticed that there is something wrong with our Team and asked, not between Hui Jung and I but between the girls and I, since while he was talking he was implying on us fixing whatever misunderstanding we had since it wasn’t too late and since we had a golden opportunity which 야식. Sadly the girls distanced themselves once again and didn’t try even to talk about anything, and to be honest I thought maybe after the 야식 party once we’ll get in our room we’ll talk and fix whatever misunderstanding we have. But I get shocked when the two have decided to get out of the room, saying we can’t sleep the 3 of us and they wanted me to sleep in the living room. That was our golden opportunity but they didn’t seem like they wanted to take it. I was the last to know that I was going to sleep in the living room. I was a bit sad to be honest. So I just decided to let them be. I cant force them to stay with me.




The day is July 8th, The last day of the Guided Seoul tour, we went to the Aquarium FINALLY, since Hui Jung once again wanted to fix things for us, we changed plans. He wanted to make it up for me and bring us together once again as a team. We started touring the Aquarium together and suddenly it was just Hui Jung and I again. We realized nothing is going to change, just don’t want stay with us. (a least that’s what I feel ). The reappeared again when we were going out from the aquarium and when were eating lunch. And the way to the karaoke room nothing has really changed. We were basically a team of two people. And even if we were together it got really awkward and I was waiting for the other Maghreb team to actually be myself again. 


it’s not that Hui Jung failed as a chef, from my point of view, the others were cooperating no matter how many attempts Hui Jung did with them. They always ended up leaving us all alone and go on their own separate ways. I saw how Hui Jung worked hard for this program and I had an amazing time overall thanks to him. I don’t know what I would have done without him by my side. I saw everything with my own eyes and hard he tired to make it work but there was no reaction from the other side in which it made it harder for him. Because after all you can’t fix a problem if the other party doesn’t have the intention to fix it. I have tried talking to them on my own when we were on the way to school, tried to tell them how I felt about the Seoul trip but I got no reaction if fact while the other teams were all gathered together to eat, they saw us out side but they didn’t come and be with us, which made it clear to me that they just don’t seem to care anymore. The other team members noticed that it’s always me and Hui Jung sticking together and how I was feeling down and I had to get their opinion about it, so I talked to them. It is what pushed me to write honestly about this whole situation even though I’m so sad and sorry for Hui Jung because I don’t want to ruin this for him. 


He is the best person I have ever worked with a group project and I wouldn’t have traded him for anything. And if I had to choose anyone as Chef project I would choose him every single time without hesitating. He deserves the world because of how good he treated me and the effort he put because of me. 


Once again thank you for everyone who made this program possible, for giving me this opportunity, for helping fulfill one of my dreams and for helping create unforgettable memories. I have learned a lot from this program and I will forever grateful. ​






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