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해외학생 초청 Inbound 프로그램 ‘Locality Summer School’

‘Locality Summer School’은 광역특화전공의 각 지역별 외국인 학생들을 한국으로 초대해 광역특화전공생들과 함께 진행하는 문화교류의 장으로써 서로의 언어와 문화를 탐색할 수 있는 프로그램입니다.

광역특화전공 학생들은 외국인 학생들을 통해 자신이 공부하는 지역의 특수성과 문화적 특징들을 몸소 체험할 수 있으며, 외국인 학생들과 함께 최대 8일간 합숙하면서 현지인을 미리 접하고 로컬리티 현지에 대한 적응력을 키우게 됩니다.

외국인 학생 1인당 한국인 학생 3~4인이 이루어 과제를 수행하는 방식으로 진행됩니다.

Title [외국인 학생 활동 보고서 - 마그레브트랙 엉뚜지아즘팀] Fairouz - 2
Writer 로컬리티센터 Date 18-08-14 12:46 Read 2,311




I also took a visit to the aquarium in Lotte World , in my country we don’t have a place similar to this so it was good choice and a good place to go when I visited Korea , I saw kind of fishes that we already have in the Mediterranean sea and others that I guess there belong to the Asian region . It was refreshing and new and I tried there churros its shape, it made me remember a traditional sweet foot in Algeria but the taste is totally different.






When it become to food , I guess I have a limited menu in Korea due to my religion , I wasn’t able to taste all the famous traditional Korean food because it include pork or meat but I was lucky that the locality offered us some of this food made in a hallal way . Fortunately I tried a lot of tasty Korean street food that I really wanted to try , it was so delicious more than my expectations .i also tried Korean noodles and I just choosed the not spacy one.




I tried Korean snacks as well, I didn’t expect to be that’s sweet since I heard Korean don’t really like the sweet things.

The thing that I wasn’t comfortable with actually is that I didn’t feel that I was really helpful to my team , the topic was a little difficult for me and I didn’t prepare I guess what they wanted me to do , its like I understood another thing and that made me feel bad for them so they asked the other Algerian person for a little help. I wonder also if my informations were enough for them  , I also was so stressful this period that made me feel that I may influenced my team because of that ,I gave them a hard time since they tried to do more effort for me. As a muslim , I guess that  was hard for them as well to choose the hallah food for me or also don’t eat what they want just because of that.


I guess our Seoul tour made us closer , and we did a lot of funny things together , I felt really lucky to be a part of this time and I am very grateful for each member that I wish to meet them again soon , I just wish that they feel the same as me and it wasn’t hard for them to deal with me.


The interaction with the whole Maghreb team was nice , and going to everland together made it funnier , we did a lot of activities together its like we were the Maghreb family and it was nice .


This program allow me to meet people around Vietnam , Russia India , Kazakhstan beside the Maghreb region , it was such a wonderful chance to see a lot of races on the same place , we also attended lectures together as colleagues , eat lunch together sometimes and sharing room in the guest house with some as well .


As a global program I was able to be a part of a global family I guess , for me this is the first time to share room with people that I met for a short period , or eating lunch or have a talk with , so I guess I was for once out of my comfort zone and I tried to be more sociable and understand other minds .


I also met two teachers that teaches French in this university , they told me how they are interested in my country and they want to visit it but it’s a hard issue , I was able to understand that my arrival to this university will make them able to understand my country and the Algerian student mind as well , it was really nice to meet them and I was pleased to have a short talk with them.


The program’s period is not that long , so it include a lot of activities in a short time . I guess if it was more longer we will be less stressful and able to learn more things , and be comfortable with our schedule .


This program included a lot of things but because of lack of time its not enough to do all what you want but fortunately  we were able to add add some extra days and stay in Korea for personal schedule, and  maybe I will be able to do some other activities and visit places that I couldn’t visit during the program such as han river, ulsadong and myongdung.



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