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해외학생 초청 Inbound 프로그램 ‘Locality Summer School’

‘Locality Summer School’은 광역특화전공의 각 지역별 외국인 학생들을 한국으로 초대해 광역특화전공생들과 함께 진행하는 문화교류의 장으로써 서로의 언어와 문화를 탐색할 수 있는 프로그램입니다.

광역특화전공 학생들은 외국인 학생들을 통해 자신이 공부하는 지역의 특수성과 문화적 특징들을 몸소 체험할 수 있으며, 외국인 학생들과 함께 최대 8일간 합숙하면서 현지인을 미리 접하고 로컬리티 현지에 대한 적응력을 키우게 됩니다.

외국인 학생 1인당 한국인 학생 3~4인이 이루어 과제를 수행하는 방식으로 진행됩니다.

Title [외국인 학생 활동 보고서 - 마그레브트랙 엉뚜지아즘팀] Fairouz - 1
Writer 로컬리티센터 Date 18-08-14 12:42 Read 1,779


My arrive to south Korea was in July 1st . I came from Algeria and my flight took 18h to arrive. I started the new month in new country looking to a new experience in my life.


When I arrived to the airport , I met the only Korean band that I like ``Super Junior`` , it was a nice surprise because I didn’t expected to see them in my trip. After that I met finally with my teammates . It was really rainy and unexpectedly cold , I heard that summer is so hot in Korea but in the 2 first days the weather was really refreshing and the rain was heavy.


In our way to the university , after leaving Seoul , I felt that the road and the buildings are familiar to me, It was quite similar to some Algerian places


When we did a tour around the university I was really surprised and fascinated , I found it really big and huge . a lot of lovely places, that we can just use as a way of relaxing after a hard day . I also liked the interactions between the students and the teachers here , and the way that they treat each others.


The school was nice and the professors were good, the interactions between the foreign students and them were nice , I found that a lot of foreigners were majoring in the Korean language or related to korea expect some of us . Me, as a person who just studied this language for months just once a week  I find myself far away from understanding the korean culture or history comparing to others. I didn’t  know beforer that in other countries we can study this in the university. i felt that they are really lucky to have such a major and have more chances to know korea  easier very fastly.


There is something in korea that surprised me , it’s the weather . I heard that the korean weather is very hot and humid but we can say that this country has unexpected weather , for the first two days it was really cold and rainy and after it was really hot and humid and sometimes rainy as well .and for other days it return to be cold as in autumn.


Another thing that I liked in the university it’s the location , even though I heard that the arrival  to it everyday for study is hard but I don’t deny that I still really enjoyed my stay between the green mountains its just so similar to my country that almost of its north is just a mountains just like the university’s location, I really wanted to return here and study just to be able to see this view every day.


This program include a visit to Everland which is a place that I wanted to visit when I arrive to korea.. The place was very huge and the design was really nice . It was big that we didn’t have a time to visit each par of this wonderful place , We played a lot of funny games and we really enjoyed there .i really wanted to stay the whole day because its so fun maybe this is why its called Everland.


This program allow me to see the Korean spirit when we want together to play traditional games and quizs , for us the Korean are so serious and hard workers but I saw a new side because when it come to fun, the Korean know how to enjoy and spice up the atmosphere better than anyone .


When I went to Seoul it was just like I imagined, a dynamic place with modern buildings and a lot of people. We can feel the technology that we heard about korea in this city , we can feel the pressure of life in the people’s behavior . I really like the design of the guest house I lived in because its put me outside the modernization of the city and took me to feel the past Korean spirit. It was a nice place for live even if I didn’t have a room and slept in the kitchen but just going outside , seeing the flours and seating on the floor like the old generation did worth this experience



I went to Suwon as well and this is a place that I never planned to go to or think about, when I took the train first and the trip started I decided to enjoy the views , I saw that the streets were so similar to the Algerian onces , I really felt home while travelling expect the high buildings that shown from time to another . the trip on the train was really special and I really enjoyed it , I felt lucky that I was able to see Suwon and I am thankful that I was there because if I came alone I don’t think I will try to visit it. Suwon is a really beautiful place , I can feel the modernity while its keep its traditional spirit. I heard that as Suwon is a very traditional town they planned to just keep the traditional houses and destroy the old once , I guess it's a real smart and good idea to keep a part of Korea remain the world of its past. if that's happened and it will be totally a past piece it will be a good place to visit later and maybe the first place that I will think about ,  a mixed place of present and past is really special and rare, I was able thanks to my teammate to meet someone who know about the history and thanks to him a learn a little more about the Jeoson period and its history. 




I walked also in a historical places and walked in public streets . I saw people there are beneficing of the place and tourism and try to sell a really beautiful and nice souvenirs or traditional things . I was really lucky that my team buy a really special and a precious gift for me , I stamp that include my name its not really famous in Algeria and I know that it’s a really popular thing in Korea so I guess it’s a really precious and special gift and a good souvenir from Korea​.





It was hot this day really hot but it was so special , I also tried to throw the arrows there , it was really fun and I really liked it , I didn’t know that I am able to do that if I go to Suwon, I met there a very nice old man that he tried to teach me  I really want to come back to him someday and thank him well. I visited also some Korean stores , even though I was confused about what to buy because there was a lot of choices. I also tried the hanbuk in kyungbokong and it was so beautiful uniform and I really like the style and enjoyed it while I was wearing it.



One of the special things ever is that I finally went the stadium , because our team project is about sport , our plane included a football match and a baseball match as well , it’s a very good and new experience for me , I saw that the Korean way of supporting is a little bit different from ours , we see them man and women , kid or old are singing the whole time , I was really surprised in baseball game when each player has its own song , every time the player change , the supporters change the song , I guess this method will make the player give more for his fan when he feel that he is so special that they made an effort just to cheer him up.. when I was entering the stadium I saw that there is  a lot of business near the stadium , a lot of food places are there , traditional , street food , international brands , stores …. It offer a lot of choices to people who go there to see the game , this movement is seen on the match day only , I also saw the events that Korean do before a football game and I participated in one of them , it was just funny and exciting and I really enjoyed it . the baseball game was some difficult for me since I don’t know the roles of this game as its not a popular sport in my country but it was a new experience as well , for the football it was cool since its a sport that I like and I always enjoy to watch.



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