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‘Locality Summer School’은 광역특화전공의 각 지역별 외국인 학생들을 한국으로 초대해 광역특화전공생들과 함께 진행하는 문화교류의 장으로써 서로의 언어와 문화를 탐색할 수 있는 프로그램입니다.

광역특화전공 학생들은 외국인 학생들을 통해 자신이 공부하는 지역의 특수성과 문화적 특징들을 몸소 체험할 수 있으며, 외국인 학생들과 함께 최대 8일간 합숙하면서 현지인을 미리 접하고 로컬리티 현지에 대한 적응력을 키우게 됩니다.

외국인 학생 1인당 한국인 학생 3~4인이 이루어 과제를 수행하는 방식으로 진행됩니다.

Title [외국인 학생 활동 보고서 - 마그레브트랙 Les Aventuriers팀] Asmae Benazzouz
Writer 로컬리티센터 Date 17-08-08 11:42 Read 2,684


First of all I would like to express how much I am grateful for being a part of this wonderful program, Locality Summer School Program and having the opportunity to meet too many wonderful new friends from the other side of the world. I came from a very far country, Morocco but I was so excited to start my journey in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, it is a new experience for me that made me learn a lot of interesting things.


I started getting curious about South Korea six years ago through Kpop and Kdrama like everyone else I guess, and I decided to learn Korean language two years ago by myself and whenever I have time, It was and still a fun challenge for me practicing all of these beautiful Korean words and communicating with my Korean friends.

Coming here made me practice my Korean even harder and seeing everyone else being so good at Korean made me think that I need to get better and study harder.


From the first day, I felt so happy to go through this new whole experience with my Korean team and was looking forward to learn too many things from this program.


Actually my team mates were so diligent, sweet and responsible and I loved how serious and curious they were about their research, they asked so many questions and I hope that my answers would be helpful enough.


One of the things that I was the most excited about is eating Korean food, and fortunately I was not disappointed at all, I loved how various the menu was and how delicious it tasted. 








One more thing that I appreciate is how they were considerate about my religion, they choosed Halal food for me and my muslim friends and I found that amazing.


The nutrition team worked so hard to make us all of these delicious food and I feel so blessed for that. 


On the first day, we introduced ourselves and did a Campus tour, which was amazing, I felt in love with the beautiful sceneries of mountains and the freshness of the nature.


Every single part of the Campus looked wonderful and the buildings were so big.

My team was so excited to show me all of the places and tried to make me feel comfortable around the University. 





We had also the opportunity to learn about Korean history and economy which was so interesting, I got to learn so many things that I did not know before coming here.


I also appreciated the meeting with Mrs, we discussed about what we learnt through this journey, what we did like and did not like, and we tried to compare between our countries and South Korea.


I really appreciated the time given by all the professors and exactly their attention, I was so happy to share with them my thoughts and to learn as much as I could from what they had to teach me.


I felt so amazed when I knew that the Korean economy got improved in a such a short time, they must have worked so hard to be this organized and developed.


After preparing so diligently for the research, we got to had an evening off to discover Everland, one of the biggest parks that I have seen in my whole life.


We had so much fun experiencing all of these exciting adventures in Everland, which would be an unforgettable memory for me, since we went all together, it was much enjoyable and entertaining. We took a lot of pictures, ate delicious Italian food and laughed so hard.




The next day was also so entertaining as we got to try traditional Korean games and play traditional Korean instruments, I personally love so much art and music so it was one of the best memories I made at this journey.


After enjoying all of these events, we went to Seoul for a Guide Tour while staying at a traditional Korean guesthouse.



The guesthouse was so pretty and peaceful and I liked very much the location, where the old precious and traditional goods are on display.

We spent two days in Seoul and my Korean team helped me a lot through this program and they showed me to many beautiful places around the capital, which was wonderful.


On the first day, we went to Myeongdeong, the shopping heaven where all department stores can be found and then to Itaewon, the famous foreign avenue where Halal food is practically everywhere.


Sales were everywhere and that is amazing enough to show how much Koreans love fashion and cosmetics.
Itaewon was hectic with foreigners so I did not feel strange at all, it was good to see all of this foreign nationalities gathered in one place.




Foe day two, we visited Insadong and Dongdaemun, two different places full oftraditional stores that I enjoyed shooping and eating at.

I really enjoyed hanging put with my korean team and the other teams, we created a lot of good memories while working hard and enjoying every single minute of this program.


I would like to sincerely thank all of them and wish them a happy life full of love sincerity and success.
Finally I woild like to thank the Ck locality team for offering me gthis amazing opportunity and to thank all the professors and the staff for their time hard work and for being considerate toward every person among us, I will never forget you.




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