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‘Locality Summer School’은 광역특화전공의 각 지역별 외국인 학생들을 한국으로 초대해 광역특화전공생들과 함께 진행하는 문화교류의 장으로써 서로의 언어와 문화를 탐색할 수 있는 프로그램입니다.

광역특화전공 학생들은 외국인 학생들을 통해 자신이 공부하는 지역의 특수성과 문화적 특징들을 몸소 체험할 수 있으며, 외국인 학생들과 함께 최대 8일간 합숙하면서 현지인을 미리 접하고 로컬리티 현지에 대한 적응력을 키우게 됩니다.

외국인 학생 1인당 한국인 학생 3~4인이 이루어 과제를 수행하는 방식으로 진행됩니다.

Title [외국인 학생 활동보고서 - 인도-남아시아트랙 쿠시그리샴팀] Shalia Perween
Writer 로컬리티센터 Date 17-08-07 13:22 Read 2,709


 Myself Shaila Perween. I am one of the participants who got HUFS Scholarship for Summer School program 2017.

I cannot express my gratitude to HUFS for giving me this wonderful opportunity to become the part of this Summer School Programme.


 It was one of the best moments for me when I heard that I have been selected for HUFS scholarship. I am associated with JNU New Delhi and I have seen many students for the last four years who went there for this scholarship and learned a lot of things there. When I was selected then I was also so excited that finally I also got this opportunity. It was dream come true for me. I got this scholarship by HUFS of one week to visit Korea and explore and learn a lot of things in Korea. I was happy as well as nervous when I got this scholarship. Because this was my first foreign visit to outside the territory of my country and I don’t know anybody there. So, I was little bit nervous how I will manage all things there. Thanks to Locality Summer School Programme for helping me and guiding me during my entire journey period. I am so happy that Locality summer school programme send me my group members details in advance so that I can interact with them and make myself comfortable before visiting there. It helped me a lot because whatever the doubt and questions revolving around me I asked my peer groups and they solved it to me. 


 This makes my task very easy and naturally we became friends after few days of interaction. When I visited Incheon Airport then my group members were already present there to receive me. I was so happy that someone is already there to receive me. It was also a very beautiful moment for me to land in the country of your dream place. I was

astonished to visit the place of my dream country. Then we visited our dormitory where we have to stay there. The entire place of dormitory and especially the comfort of my room was so good. I liked it so much. My roommate is also so friendly and kind and she supported me a lot. She is always ready to help me and guide me whenever I need her. I am very thankful to locality center for choosing her as my roommate for this programme.


 The entire team of locality programme like teachers, staffs, friends all were very supportive. I enjoyed the Seoul visit a lot. It was fabulous moment for me. It was one of the best visits for me. I enjoyed the zoo visit also so much. I want to mention that this was the first zoo visit for me. And seeing Royal tiger and other animals very close to me was amazing and awesome experience for me. When I came to Korea then I always wanted to visit Everland; and when my friend told me that I am planning to go to Everland it was so excited and so happy. I enjoyed each and every moment of my Everland vsit. It was full of enjoyment and give me a lot of inner happiness. I will always cherished this moment in my heart. The game that we all played with each other was one of the best moment for me.


 And I especially want to mentioned it. It was not only a game. I learned a lot of new Korean words through this game. This was a very good experience for me. I always want to be part of this kind of activities. I like drinking culture of Korea a lot. It doesn’t matter you drink or not I take water in place of drink but I enjoyed that moment a lot. The lecture that I attended was also full of learning. The faculty members were so nice and teach us very well. I want to mentioned during this seven days programme I got a lot of information which I always wanted to know in Korea. This will really help me a lot in my future endeavour. The teachers were so impressive and taught us in bilingual language. The difficulty that I have faced during starting of this programme was the food problem. But I

am very thankful for the management for providing me Halal Chicken and beef through which I managed my food nicely. I visited Itaewon and I liked traditional artifacts of other countries.


 My research work was based on food culture and I found that Indian Masala is very costly there. I taste Indian tea there and I like it so much. I always preferred to eat Rice, soup and other dessert stuffs. I am very glad to my teammates that they have planned to go to visit Seoul where once I enjoyed Indian dishes in Taj Hotel. I was so happy that I enjoyed Indian non-veg food there. I was so happy to taste it. Last time some of the students who fell ill but this time the entire team of locality summer school take care very much. My research work was based on Food culture and in this event me and my friends done a lot of extensive study and I learned a lot of new things during this research programme. It was a golden moment for me and I will remember this moment throughout my life.


Thanking you Shaila Perween

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